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Telling Stories That Make a Difference

the handbook.

The Ultimate Gentleman: The Handbook 2.0 provides essential information for men on how to have a clean, elegant and sophisticated appearance. In essence, bring back the lost art of being a gentleman. This handbook also shares qualities that make a good man.


The “ultimate gentleman” is defined as a man who not only has a refined appearance and charismatic personality, but a man who is well-mannered and educated with high standards of proper behavior.


The ultimate gentleman performs at the highest level in his role as a provider, leader, teacher, and relationship builder. These roles require a man to possess high character – treating others with respect and courtesy. It also means he should represent positive masculinity and manliness.

My hope is that this handbook will not only influence men to be their best, but serve as a guide for those who have limited opportunities to view and learn from them.


This small handbook can also be a valuable resource to help boys and young men from all backgrounds become adult men who are positive and influential in relationships, family, church and community. I sincerely hope you or someone you know will find The Ultimate Gentleman: The Handbook 2.0 a useful tool for personal growth and success.

Order today and get your copy of The Ultimate Gentleman: The Handbook 2.0.

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the coffeeshop.

Coffeeshop Comversations takes you on a journey into the lives of everyday people who make significant yet uncelebrated and unrecognized contributions to humanity. These men and women come from different walks of life, yet they share similar qualities that encapsulate the SuperMentors mentality.


SuperMentor’s are master storytellers who lead and guide others toward accomplishing goals and objectives. They motivate, coach, and encourage others to live out their unique purpose.

CoffeeShop is a segmented YouTube podcast developed for a teen audience between 13 -18 years old. Brothers Jacob and Luke Johnson lead the conversation with our amazing guest while trying to capture wisdom that teens really want to hear.

This December 2022 we are preparing for the relaese of Season 2 with special guest Chuck Allen, President and Founder of I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER. In this seasons conversation, the trio will dicsuss the impact of mental health in ministry, student athletes and young men.

Our hope is to build to create and share stories that will influence the world we live. This project is important to us because it gives many students the opportunity to see, listen and learn from people who they wouldn't otherwise know or meet.

As we chart a course to develop new and amazing content, we ask for your support. By clicking the link below, you can choose 3 easy ways to support this journey.

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