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the handbook.

The Ultimate Gentleman: Handbook 2.0 is a toolkit dedicated to sharing tips and resources on how to become a man of character, class and style. Mr. Lynn provides practical suggestions for boys and young men on how to bring back the lost art of being a gentleman. This handbook provides essential information for men on how to have a clean, elegant and sophisticated appearance.

The “ultimate gentleman” is defined as a man who not only has a refined appearance and charismatic personality, but a man who is well-mannered and educated with high standards of proper behavior.

My hope is that this handbook will not only influence men to be their best, but serve as a guide for those who have limited opportunities to view and learn from them.

Order today and get your copy of The Ultimate Gentleman: The Handbook 2.0.

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Taste & Talk Podcast Premiere

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Season 1: CoffeeShop Conversations
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the coffeeshop.

Coffeeshop Conversations takes a journey into the lives of everyday people who make significant yet uncelebrated and unrecognized contributions to humanity. These men and women come from different walks of life, yet they share similar qualities that encapsulate the SuperMentors mentality.


SuperMentor’s are master storytellers who lead and guide others toward accomplishing goals and objectives. They motivate, coach, and encourage others to live out their unique purpose.

Our hope is to build to create and share stories that will influence the world we live in, a world that we believe needs hope.

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