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mr. lynn johnson

A Man on a Mission



Hello and welcome to! My name is Lynn Johnson, but you can call me Mr. Lynn!

Since 1990, I've tutored, mentored, and counseled more than 3,000 boys and young men from many different backgrounds and circumstances. Like many of them, I was a child from a single parent, female dominated household. Although my mother did an outstanding job caring and providing for me and my sisters, the absence and influence of men who led their families left me unsure about what it meant to be a man. I believe this same uncertainty has become more prevalent in the lives of boys and young men today and I understand first-hand the negative impact an absent father can have on a child’s life.

In January 2020, I celebrated 30 years of service to children and youth. Within that timespan I've worked with some of our nation’s top youth serving organizations, including Boys and Girls Clubs, Camp Fire and YMCA, where I led, managed, and designed high impact youth program initiatives. In 2000, I facilitated the expansion of Camp Fire’s Teens in Action program nationwide into at-risk neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Orlando, FL.

I've built a career in the nonprofit sector as an advanced program, organizational and operational management expert.

In 2007, I started Johnson Development Group, LLC providing operations, management, and business development consulting services to non-profit businesses. I specialize in building the capacity of organizations to successfully deliver services that will directly impact and diminish the major problems affecting the communities they serve.

My proven leadership and experience has been utilized in more than 100 combined schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations across the nation.

Today, my mission is to help boys and young men grow into caring, responsible, and productive adult men. My commitment is to creating clear pathways for young people to access and harness opportunities that will extend their hopes and dreams beyond the boundaries of the neighborhood. I work to find more innovative ways to get more adults involved in mentoring boys and young men.

At, I define the Ultimate Gentleman as a man who performs at the highest level as a provider, leader, teacher, and relationship builder. These roles require a man to possess high character – treating others with respect and courtesy; a representation of masculinity and manliness. exist to influence men to be better and to serve as a guide for those who have limited opportunities to view and learn from amazing men. I believe that can serve as a useful tool for personal growth and success.

If you would like to connect or learn more about my work click the link below.


God bless you and thank you for your support!


"I'm continually delighted and impressed with Lynn's 360-degree approach to program development. I've worked with Lynn on a number of projects and he is a proven 'Big Picture' organizer, hands on problem solver, and thought leader in the non-profit industry."

Eric Bowie, Sr. Contract Specialist, US Army Corps of Engineers

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