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Making a Difference: The Urban Scholastic Center

Over the past several weeks we’ve witnessed some very violent and tragic events occurring across the country. As a result, I’ve heard many people voice various thoughts, feelings and opinions. Some have been negative, many are positive, and a lot are inflamed with ignorance, anger and hate.

Let us not just speak out in the aftermath of tragic events, but let’s act out. Let’s act out in faith, hope and love. In a recent Facebook post I stated, “We all must do our part as a community...stand-up, stand firm, serve, give, mentor, teach, guide and/or lead.” Since that post, I’ve heard people in social media and through personal conversation ask about how they could get involved and make a difference in our community.

First, I must admit, that I don’t live in my hometown of Wyandotte County, KS, but I do serve there by giving my time, my talents and treasures to ministries and organizations in the community. Currently, I serve as a board member of the Urban Scholastic Center (USC). This is a ministry that serves children and youth of Wyandotte County and is on a mission to develop socially responsible Christian leaders. Through USC’s Life Enrichment component, an after-school ministry for students in grades 4-12, participants begins each afternoon with devotion and discussion, a healthy snack, exercise and structured homework time. Every day of the week, students then focus on one of the following areas to further enhance their social, educational and leadership skills.​​

  • On Monday’s students focus on Biblical study. Mentors teach an inductive Bible study to students in a small group setting.

  • Then on Tuesday’s, students are provided music lesson and are taught brass, woodwind, string, and/or percussion instruments.

  • Wednesday’s are dedicated towards community service. Mentors work alongside students to complete a variety of community service projects to model the biblical principle to “love your neighbor“, while also demonstrating what a Colossians 3:23-24 work-ethic looks like.

  • On Thursday’s, mentors work with students as they learn computer science fundamentals such as coding.

  • Finally, on Friday’s, students work with mentors in creating more than eight unique products through the Urban Market Entrepreneurship program.

So, if you want to make a difference today, the USC is the place to start. Join in with me, USC staff, volunteers, mentors, donors and board members to help build hope for children and youth of Wyandotte County, KS.

You can start today by offering your support to the USC’s 4th Annual Tournament of Champions Golf Tournament on Thursday, September 1, 2016. This event will take place at the beautiful Tiffany Greens Golf Club in Kansas City, MO. Opportunities are available to register as a single golfer, sponsor a foursome, or represent your business as a hole sponsor. Even if you are not a golfer, you can still make a difference. There are many ways to help the USC carry out its mission of developing socially responsible Christian leaders. For more information about the Urban Scholastic Center or how to register for the 4th Annual Tournament of Champions Golf Tournament, visit or contact Misha Lewis at (913) 281-9828.

FAST FACT: The USC has put more than 100,000 books into the hands/homes of kids, thanks to the generosity of churches, businesses and caring organizations who have donated books. Journey with us as we serve in urban Wyandotte County, KS.

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