The Ultimate Gentleman's Toolkit

Men often get lost in the shuffle on what they should purchase when it comes to products. The following items are essential products that are necessary for every gentleman’s personal toolkit.

Breath Mints

A small pocket sized pack of breath mints should be an essential part of every man’s tool kit. A hearty lunch could impart a nasty aroma to your breath, particularly if you’ve been eating garlic or onions. Having breath mints on hand will help alleviate bad breath.

Collar Stays

Collar stays get bent and out of shape and often need replacing. The purpose of collar stays is to keep the shirt collar in place by adding weight and crispness to an otherwise light and flexible piece of fabric. Collar stays are small details that make your dress shirt collar points look crisp.

Good Razor

All you need is a good razor with a fresh, sharp blade. The multi-blade cartridge razors are great, but you can still get a great shave with a disposable if you do it right. One of the most important factors in a gentleman’s appearance is his shave. A good shave makes a man look well groomed, clean, younger and have much better facial features including clearer skin.


Exfoliants work by scraping away dead skin cells from your face (or body) leaving you with a bright, new layer. They also help unclog your pores and that means fewer breakouts. Use an exfoliant at least once a month but no more than a couple of times per week.

Facial Moisturizer

A facial moisturizer is the most popular product among men’s grooming products. Shaving can often irritate the pores of your skin. Therefore, one of the basic grooming tips is to apply moisturizer to protect your skin's pores.

Hand Cream

Hand cream helps keep the skin on your hands smooth, which means they’ll look younger and feel softer to touch. Rub your hands with cream after they come in contact with soap or other products that dry out your skin.

Lip Balm

Lips are especially sensitive to environmental conditions. Dry and chapped lips are more prone to cold sores and infections, which in addition to not being healthy; they don’t look real attractive either. Using lip balm will keep your lips lubricated and delay the appearance of aging-related lines.

Money Clip

For the gentleman who carries cash, it might make sense to use a money clip to replace a bulky wallet. Use a money clip to carry bills, an ID and a couple of credit cards. Money clips can reduce pocket congestion and allow you to carry cash safely in places where a wallet can't fit. Stashing a money clip in your front pocket rather than in the back also discourages thieves and pickpockets, making it an excellent option for secure travel. A money clip also helps eliminate the overstuffed wallet effect.


Planners are essential tools for time management. A variety of good tools are available to help you with time management. A daily planner enables you to record your tasks on a predefined calendar. Usually, the planner has entry points for 24 hours a day, allowing you to add any task at any hour on any day. Daily planners are available in different formats: paper or digital (computer and mobile phone) based.