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20 Things A Single Mom Can Teach Her Son

My mother is my hero and I feel good saying I'm a mama's boy. However, she is not both my mother AND father...just one heck of a mother!

I could go on and on about her struggles, yet often she seemed to be superhuman. Although she couldn’t teach me all I needed to know to be a man, she made sure I had what I needed to be a good one! For the single mom’s out there, here are 20 things you can teach your son that can help him become a good man!

1. How to get up after falling down.

2. Trust is earned, not given.

3. Working smarter over working harder.

4. Physical fitness and competition are important.

5. Give everything you do 110% effort.

6. Your word is your bond!

7. Excuses are useless.

8. All men are not “dogs”. Show him a good man!

9. Thinking BIG!

10. The difference between getting hurt and being injured.

11. There are no trophies handed out for being a good man, it’s your job!

12. He is a born leader.

13. Faith in God.

14. Not to talk too much.

15. How to leave home.

16. What a good woman looks and acts like!

17. The word “no” means “no”.

18. Not to work for money, but to make money work for you.

19. Men don’t pee sitting down!

20. He is not the man of the house, until he has his own.

Checkout The Ultimate Gentleman: Then Handbook 2.0, for more tips and suggestions on how to bring back the lost art of being a gentleman.

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