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In January 2020, I was blessed to celebrate 30 years of service to children and youth. Since that time, I've tutored, mentored and counseled more than 3,000 boys and young men from many different backgrounds and circumstances. Like many of them, I was a child from a single parent, female dominated household.

Although my mother did an outstanding job caring and providing for me and my three sisters, the absence and influence of men who lead their families left me unsure about what it meant to be a caring husband and father. I believe this same uncertainty has become more prevalent in the lives of boys and young men today and I understand first-hand the negative impact an absent father can have on a child’s life.

Today, I'm on a mission is to help as many boys and young men grow into caring, responsible and productive adult men. I've committed my life to creating resources and developing opportunities for young people to extend their talents, abilities, strengths, hopes and dreams beyond the boundaries of their neighborhoods.

At, I provide essential information on how to become the "Ultimate Gentleman". The ultimate gentleman is a man who has a refined appearance, charismatic personality, is well-mannered and educated with high standards of proper behavior.

Beginning in 2013, I began providing consulting services utilizing evidence-based tools and widespread institutional partnerships to develop high-quality programs, projects and activities to nonprofit organizations. I specialize in expanding an organizations infrastructure to a level where it’s programming will offset some of the major problems affecting youth in the urban core.


My hope is to see boys and young men develop in to the kind of men who will take ownership of their communities as future providers, leaders, teachers, and relationship builders.

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Lynn and I met over 25 years ago while working for a local youth organization. Today, he is just as dedicated, nurturing, and focused on helping youth excel as if it was his first day working with them.

Jason Parson / President & CEO / Parson + Associates

I have worked with Lynn on a number of projects, and I'm continually delighted and impressed with Lynn's 360 degree approach to program development. Lynn is a proven "Big Picture" organizer, hands on problem solver, and thought leader in the non-profit industry.

Eric Bowie / Sr. Contract Specialist / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Lynn is a professional who is committed to fostering the growth and development of youth. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that young men have the knowledge and personal commitment that will enable them to perform on a quality level according to their capabilities.  His dedication and passion for youth is evident as he prepares young men to experience success today and well into the future by respecting themselves, their family and the community.

Ernest E. Middleton, Ph.D. / Associate Vice President for the African American Culture Center & International Programs (Ret.) / Marshall University

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